Sugar Scrub - Bernadette 6oz


We formulated this for those who prefer to use a sugar scrub. Again, we use essential oils in this scrub. The big difference is that one doesn’t need to use to soap afterwards. Of course, one may do so should one prefer. We have, personally, used this scrub on our faces and necks as well as our bodies. It is also is fantastic for the heels. It works really great! It also smells like a Pina Colada. We suggest that you exfoliate at least once or twice a week.

Usage: Wet skin in the shower and use the scrub all over body and face and neck if one prefers without the water running. Scrub gently and rinse off. If one prefers, one may use soap afterwards. Use one of our Body Mousse immediately after. We suggest our Autumn Body Mousse, Pia Anne Body Mousse or Stella Body Mousse.