Schatzie's Suds Fresh Goat Milk Soap


Ingredients: Fresh goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and essential oils.

Schatzie's Suds - We formulated this wonderful smelling bar for all the beloved dogs of our customers! We included essential oils like Citronella which keep all those pesky fleas and bugs away from them, and other essential oils to help keep their coats shiny, glossy and sweet smelling. Schatzie, the beloved Standard Schnauzer of one of the partners, wants to make sure each bar has her approval. So look out for her signature paw print on each one of them.

*Please make sure that these bars are used on dogs only as we have verified that the essential oils used are poisonous to cats and rabbits.

All our bars are handmade therefore each bar will vary slightly in design. No two bars are alike.