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1. TV interview with morning anchor from KWTX CBS News - 1st segment

2. TV interview with morning anchor from KWTX CBS News - 2nd segment

3. TV interview with morning anchor from KWTX CBS News - 1st segment

4. TV interview with morning anchor from KWTX CBS News - 2nd segment

5. Mr. Biff Jones - real customer's spontaneous video testimonial #2

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Love My Face


I wanted to share my experience with the best soap made. My husband is allergic to almost everything and has really sensitive skin. We happened by the Caprine Artisan Soaps booth at the second Saturday sale they have in Georgetown. I think it starts back up in March. Anyway, the soap is fantastic. Well worth the money. My husband's rosacea has cleared up and his skin actually looks much smoother and younger. They have all different kinds of soap you can try but my husband uses the one called Love My Face. It's scent free and very gentle. I order it online when the Georgetown second Saturday isn't happening. Give it a try it's really worth it.

Bethany Young, Georgetown, TX  January 15, 2016


Recently had a friend send over the "Love My Face" for our daughter as she was experiencing skin problems on her face and within 2 weeks using this product all was relived. Will be trying most of products and spreading the word. Wonderful Product!

Shannon Merrell, Moab, Utah  January 22, 2016


 Breakfast Bar, Bridgette


I have been using Caprine Artisan Soap for the last two weeks, both on my body and in my hair. I have to say that my skin had not developed the typical "winter itch" that comes with cold weather and hot showers. It's soft and really hasn't required lotion - aside from my hands which are washed with other soaps at work. The best part? My hair. Because the soap is made from goat milk and natural oils, all of the usual chemicals found in hair products have been nearly eliminated. For the first week and while my hair was adapting to change, it went through a very thick and bloated stage. Although it was unusual at first, braids in the evening before bed left a gorgeous wave in the morning! The texture has evened out now and feels incredible, soft, and maintains so much more body through out the day. The stylist who has been cutting my hair for years was amazed when I went for a trim. She has always loved my hair but had also noticed how it had begun to thin. Thank you, Lily Ann, for sharing your amazing product with our community. The essential oil combinations smell absolutely incredible, and certainly, I am glad to know that the milk comes from your local goats, and your honey is Round Rock Honey. The decision is obviously natural!! Great for body, hair, peace of mind, and the community. #‎caprineartisansoaps #‎roundrockhoney

 Amanda Wolf,  Round Rock, TX   November 28, 2015


One of our regular customers, Stephanie Z, came to the St William's Arts & Crafts to get her "supply" of soaps. She was a little shy about giving us a video review but said this:

"I have tried lots of other goat milk soaps but none compares to Caprine Artisan Soaps. My hair is so shiny now and my skin is so soft after I started using these soaps. My favorite is Regina but I also love Bridgette, Purple Passion and Hudson Valley Mist. "

Stephanie Z, Round Rock, TX November 7, 2015


No Bites


Thank you for "No Bites" soap.  It has been a life saver against those pesky mosquitoes!! I apply before I go outside, and they land on me, and bounce right off, it's like the soap says, "Buzz Off, Dude!!"

BB, Round Rock, TX, USA  June 30, 2015


Joy to the World


My favorite beauty soap! It really makes my skin so smooth and healthy. Try and you'll be happy that you did.

Jacqueline M, IL, USA




I used the Lily soap for the first time and I love it!! It leave your skin so silky and smooth that I did not need to use body lotion. Thank You!!

Eva A, Pflugerville, TX, USA


My favorite ........good on my sensitive skin!!! all their soap bars are great.. but this is my favorite!

Jann Windsor, CA, USA January 26, 2015


Texas Hill Country


Texas Hill Country is my miracle soap for my asthma skin blemishes. I love the other "Caprine" soaps too but "Texas" was the answer to my skin insecurities.

Jessica Espayos, Calgary AB, Canada  January 25, 2015




Thank you so much for your new creation, Fatima. It even surpasses my favorite Caprine artisan soap , which is Fleur de Lys. It is so soft and loving to my dry skin. Sometimes I hold the bar of soap next to my cheek and feel like the young lady in the commercial. It certainly does rejuvenate my dry skin.  And as a 60 year old man who has spent many years outside in the west Texas sun, I need all the help that I can get.  Thank you again for your loving creation.

Biff J, Georgetown, TX, USA  January 22, 2015


Schatzie's Suds


I just wanted to let you know that the shampoo works fine on my youngest Yorkie. I do like it for Becca, and will use it on her. Thank you again for sending this to me.

Maureen B, AZ


I wanted to let you know about my latest experience with schatzie suds. My dog was scratching furiously for a few days. I gave her a bath with your soap. I was amazed at the number of fleas she had. She is an inside dog and rarely goes outside except to use the bathroom.  The moment the soap touched the fleas they died. It not only killed the adult fleas, it also washed away the eggs.

Thank you for this wonderful product.

Joann Wiener, USA


Fleur De Lis


Fleur de Lis  is my favorite  bath soap, in fact it the only one that I can use.  I have very sensitive skin. I have to use liquid laundry soap that is free of perfumes and I have to put the clothes through two extra rinse cycles with no fabric softner. Otherwise I have an allergenic reaction to the clothes. Up until Fleur de Lis, I had never found a bath soap that did not leave me with dry and itching skin even after continued rinsing.  Now my skin is moist and soft and vibrant and healthy.  Friends say that I look younger and have less wrinkles. To say the least, I feel younger and have more vigor.  I would recommend all of the Caprine Artisan soaps.  They make great gifts.

Biff J, Georgetown, TX, USA January 22, 2015


Hudson Valley Mist


Since I started menopause several years ago my skin become very dry although I always had oily skin prior to that. So that hit me very hard. The other thing is that my hair always have a lot of body prior to menopause. But one of the things I love that Hudson Valley Mist soap made my hair, gave it a lot of body! My hair bounced back from limp. I already feel better using your soaps!

Mary C, Georgetown, TX USA


Liquid Bali Escape


I am amazed at the performance and versatility of your liquid artisan soap, Bali Escape- for many reasons. First, I bought it for a hand soap in the bathroom because it smelled good and left my hands soft. Well one day, I came in from the garage with my hands all greasy from changing by brake pads and did not have the time to go back out to garage and use my industrial strength soap with its grit and harshness.  I grabbed the Bali Escape and in a blink of an eye the grease and dirt just fell off my hands before I could even wash it or dilute it with water. Amazing. I did have to rinse off the last of the emulsified dirt and grease.  I did not have to wash my hands a second time though.

Biff Jones, Georgetown, TX  January 22, 2015


Love My Face & Texas Hill Country


Thank you for making your product. I recently wrote a comment on your website regarding the "Love My Face " soap. Since using this product, my face is softer and smoother than it has been since grade school.  I no longer use make-up. I also use this soap on my arms. I have psoriasis.  Since using this product my arm is almost completely healed. Thanks again for such a wonderful product.


I wanted to let you know what a difference your soaps have made in my life. I use the "Love My Face" daily. I no longer where make-up and my face is smoother than it was when I was young (I'm 62 now). I also use this soap on my psoriasis that is on my arm. After 4 weeks all bumps were gone. Only a little redness remained. I then used "Texas Hill Country" The results were amazing. In 1 week all redness was gone. Thank you for your wonderful products. You have been a God send for me.

Joann Wiener, TX  USA 


My mother heard from a friend that "Love My Face" soap was great for acne and dry skin. It really works for I do not need to use the prescribed lotion that I was using on my face. The soap works great also on body acne. Thank You!!!

Zeke Almanza, Pflugerville, TX


Several other different scents


Thank you for meeting me.

Your soaps are simply amazing!

Barbara, Georgetown, TX USA


Seen You In Kingwood on 090713 and got

5 bars of you soap Love it used it on my hair, face and body. I then placed the other soap i had ordered from the internet in the trash. Will never leave you.

David M, Kingwood, TX USA  October, 2013




We were there on Saturday so it must have been the Bridgette that smelled soooo good.  Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you.  I received several bars of your soap in my Christmas stocking.  AWESOME!

Barbara Hundley, Georgetown, TX, USA


I used Caprine Artisan soap (Bridgette) today. I love, love, love it! You're right about how great it is as a shampoo. I love the way that I don't feel any residue in my hair and my scalp. Smells good too!! Great product! Yey! 

Lourdes Flores, Valle Verde, Philippines October, 2014


Breakfast Bar


Hi! I absolutely love the Breakfast Bar soap and would love to purchase more.

Elena B, Austin, TX USA 


Purple Passion


I just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed that soap… The purple passion

 That was the best smelling soap I've ever used in my whole life & every single day that I used it I had a good day!

 Feel free to use this in any advertising that you want because I would like the world to know that your purple passion soap is the most delicious smelling soap in the whole wide world

 It also made my skin very soft

 I was very squeamish about using anything other than what I usually buy from the store

 But I absolutely fell in love with the soap and can't wait to buy some more

Thank you for your wonderful customer service as well.

Crystal,  Austin, TX USA  July, 2014




Thank you ever so much for the soap.  I'm not kidding when I say I LOVE it!  I used it last night for the first time from head to toe and I honestly felt like I had had a little spa time when it was over.  It was so creamy and smooth.  The best soap I've ever used.  Thank you!  I was bragging about it today over lunch.  I absolutely would like to purchase several other bars.

Best to you!

Laura McMillan,  Austin, TX USA January, 2013