Our families have suffered from allergies for so long and we were getting tired of taking too many medicines and suffering, yet again, from adverse reactions to all those medications.  We thought it would be best to use natural products.  In fact, that is our motto when we make our soaps - using nature's gifts the way they were intended to be - natural and organic.

We spoke of getting goats for a long time before they actually came.  When they did, we suddenly found ourselves drowning in milk.  That was when we decided to make natural and organic fresh goat milk soaps.  We thought it was a great way to solve the issue of  having to use products which contained a lot of chemicals.  We knew we wanted the best natural and organic goat milk soap we could make and use for our own families.  We experimented and used the best ingredients - fresh goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and essential oils we could get. We only use fresh goat milk from our own goats to get all the natural vitamins of the goat milk. Then we use olive oil which is great for the hair and is well known to help moisturize our skin.  We added coconut oil which is also fantastic for the hair and complexion. Coconut oil has been lauded to be a natural ingredient to attain soft skin and shiny hair.  We also use sustainable palm oil which helps make all our soap bars the great bars they are. We also use essential oils for their many different benefits for our distinguished customers. The oils we use all have different vitamins which help give our customers the soft skin and great hair.  The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore, we took great care in choosing the different oils to make our soaps. We only wanted the best.

We make everything ourselves - the natural way.  In time, the hobby grew into something larger.  It still is growing with your help. We still make all the natural and organic goat milk soaps ourselves.  We truly enjoy doing what we do, and take pride in all our goat milk soap products.  We want you to use and enjoy what we use for our own families.

We want to thank everyone who has been a part of Caprine Artisan Soaps. To all those who supported, encouraged, stayed with us through everything, and cheered us on when we needed it the most - thank you so much. A special thanks to our families, and most especially Gina Montano.

Gina Montano - thank you for all your work, and patience in working with all our soaps.  If soaps had souls, you definitely captured them in all the pictures.